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Monday, July 23rd 2012

6:06 PM

Preteen child pussy


Related article: Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 14:01:52 +0000 From: Speed Back Subject: Daredevil Speedo preteens lsm Boys - Live On Stage part 7 (M/b), cons bond)(WARNING: This is obviously fiction...nothing like it has ever happened in real life, nor should it, for very obvious reasons. Don't try anything like this at home guys, or anywhere else! And leave those boys alone! Speedoboy711 speedback11googlemail.com )When the curtains parted again, the stage shy models preteen set had changed dramatically. Vines hung from the ceiling. Steam appeared to be rising from lush green foliage. It looked like a tropical jungle. The sound of birds and monkeys calling in the distance filled the auditorium. It was a dazzling transformation. For a minute or two, nothing happened - but that preteens bikini gallery didn't matter because there was so much to take in on the stage...the set was truly breathtaking. Then, illuminated in the spotlight, a lovely, lithe naked preteen pussypic nine year old barefoot boy wearing only in a very brief suggestion of swimwear walked elegantly onto the stage. The slender white child had brown hair, brown eyes, preteen gay pedo and an extremely fuckable little face. His little cock and balls were encased vulnerably in an unusual brown, white and black snakeskin-pattern speedo, which looked a little daring, so scanty was the cut. The boy grinned warmly at the audience, keen to entertain them as best he could. When he reached centre-stage, he turned his back on the spectators and bent over neatly to touch his toes, to show off the slit up the back of his swimwear. The pre-prepared speedo, slit unusually wide on this occasion, suggested that the little boy would be fucked thoroughly before he left the stage that night. After that, barring any accidents, and if he survived the notorious after-show party, he would of course change into his preteen pyjamas for milk and cookies. "Hi everyone!" he squeaked in a friendly voice. "I'm Jason, and I'm nine...and I really love snakes!" His cheerful, confident manner won him a round of applause from the audience, many of whom were intrigued to see how the reptiles would be used on the willing youngster. First, the boy dropped to his knees, giving the spectators a wicked grin. Then he began writhing around on the floor like a sexy little serpent. He giggled as he pretended to be a snake, humping the stage enthusiastically, clad only in his tiny silky little pair of tight snakeskin speedos.His hairless, preteen body was perfectly proportioned for an athletic little boy of his age. Then the nine year old rascal spread his pure white legs wide apart, facing the audience, and began to masturbate lasciviously, grabbing his erect little cocklet and sensitive little balls through the sexy, sensual fabric of his bold fuck-me snakeskin speedos. The prematurely oversexed little boy climaxed quickly, panting and yelping gratefully, as his totally dry orgasm sent his tiny body into wild convulsions. He threw back his head, tossing his freshly-shampooed straight brown preteen fuck paysite hair nudes preteen beach around, romania preteen his long-lashed eyes screwed tight shut. Then, little by little, he calmed down and lay on the stage smiling wistfully, a momentarily sated preteen who loved playing with his precious little cock and balls - especially in front of an audience of appreciative boylovers, who applauded his public masturbation generously. Then nude 13 preteens he sat up and ran his tiny fingers absent-mindedly through his boyish mop of hair, and said to the audience chirpily: "Mmmmm...that felt GREAT! 'Specially since my trainer hasn't let me do that for a week...but, ummmm....I've found a way of getting an even bigger buzz...and i wanna share it with you...watch this, guys!" Jumping up, and hopping from one foot to the other, the over-excited boy gave a double thumbs-up sign eagerly towards the side of the stage. An enormous transparent glass tank filled with dozens of fiercely writhing snakes emerged from the wings. It was pushed by the boy's immensely powerful-looking trainer and a muscular adult assistant. Both men wore snakeskin speedos matching the little boy's abuse-me swimwear. While they hauled the tank on stage, the boy slipped skateboard-style kneepads and elbow pads onto his slender arms and legs. They were decorated in the same snakeskin style as his speedos. The spectators murmured in curiosity when they saw the pads, as they suggested the boy was in for some pretty rough action later on...but what form that action would take was as yet unclear. Once the two men had secured the enormous glass tank centre stage, ensuring camera access from all angles, the trainer grabbed the boy's cock and balls and heaved him upwards, towards the padded rim of the tank. The boy screamed in sexual torment, but soon began to writhe in pleasure, enjoying the extreme genital pain that his generous master was inflicting on his lithe preteen body. He had endured the cruel manoeuvre many times before, ever since he'd lost his virginity to his master at the age of seven. The snake-child even began to smile at his trainer, and nod his head in consent. Then the man's assistant helped the trainer to toss the vulnerable, flawless little boy over the edge of the tank and right into the seething mass of serpents. Lying on a bed of snakes, the brave little boy spread himself into a X-shape face-up on the floor of the tank. Like the rim of the tank, the floor was also heavily padded so that the performer wasn't lying on glass - that could have been dangerous, after all, and the child's welfare was of paramount importance to all present. For some minutes, the hairless child allowed the sinister reptiles slither all over his smooth little body, whispering to them in a friendly little voice. Then he issued a sharp command, which was instantly obeyed. The nine year old smiled broadly as the snakes found their prey. The audience gasped when one of the cobras reared up and bit the boy on the arm, injecting it's deadly venom into the child's bloodstream. So that the audience wouldn't be unduly distressed, the boy's trainer turned to the spectators and explained: "Gentlemen, let me explain that young Jason adores snakes, and has been playing with them from a very young age. For the last two years, he's been building up his resistance preteens bikini gallery to snake venom by allowing himself to be bitten with increasing frequency. As long as we retrieve him from the his glass cage within ten minutes, we can give him a serum that will avoid any risk of the boy's death or paralysis. Jason trusts me, and I will endeavour to push him to the limits, without inflicting any permanent damage on the boy." The audience applauded these gentle, humanitarian sentiments warmly. Then all eyes turned back to little Jason, who was doing something extraordinary. He was holding a viper onto the front of his tiny torture-me speedos, trying to get the creature to sink its fangs into his immature cock and balls. Eventually, the reptile lunged forward, biting the boy's little balls ferociously. The nine year old whooped in delight as he felt the poison injected into his immature testicles. Then he threw his little head back in agony as the venom shot through his sexual organs, shooting into the rest of his energetic little body. As the boy became accustomed to the extreme pain in his tiny genitals, he looked around for a couple more snakes to play with, fearing that the audience might lose interest if he didn't continue to raise his game. Still spreadeagled vulnerably on his brave little back, with the viper seemingly chewing his immature balls right off, he tempted two cobras to play with him, whispering to them lovingly. He held each reptile in front of his chest, and presented his totally innocent boynipples to the venomous creatures. They soon obliged the stuntboy, by hissing hungrily and darting forward with murder in their eyes, burying their merciless fangs into the nine year old boy's ultra-sensitive nipples. The agony almost caused the youngster to shoot right up preteen sexy site out of the glass aquarium, as his desperate, poisoned screams seared into the souls of his admiring spectators. The child knew his time was short if he was to get to the serum in time for a cure, so whispered a fierce command to the snakes, who stopped eating into him reluctantly and slithered away slightly angrily towards the sides of the aquarium. The young performer flipped eagerly over onto this front, and, biting his tongue in fierce concentration, he tugged at his pre-slit speedo fully apart, to ensure that his tiny, preteen cumshot cuties tight little rosebud boycunt was fully exposed for penetration. Next, the audience was amazed to see the trainer and his assistant carrying the most enormous python they had ever super nude preteen seen onto the stage. The creature was quite calm at first, but there was an expectant look in its eyes, as gradually its forked tongue began to flicked in and out in an increasingly lascivious manner. It was thirty feet long at least, and about four or five inches in diameter at its widest point. The reptile could smell the preteen boy's body already. The two men fed the enormous coils of the creature carefully over the side of the glass tank. The boy looked up expectantly from below, still laying on his smooth tummy, calling up to the snake in a friendly, excited little voice that was rather charming. It was the same tone of voice that a little boy would use with his favourite puppy dog, during a game in the back garden, or in a Lassie movie. The reptile descended gracefully into the tank, looking rather preteen cumshot cuties menacing, despite the child's attempts to put the serpent at its ease. The creature's head reached the boy's toes, and its tongue ticked the soles of the nine year old boy's feet, sending the child into helpless giggling convulsions. Then the reptile's powerful body flowed up and between the boy's calves and thighs, making the boy pant expectantly in preteen sexual anticipation. When the python's head reached the bottom hem of the little boy's ultra-thin speedos, the child shivered uncontrollably - half in pleasure, preteen archive porn and half in apprehension. Then he felt the reptile's forked tongue flicking on his masterbation in preteen perfect, naked nine year old buttocks, and knew that he would soon be climaxing, dryly but uncontrollably, like a flipping fish thrown onto a ship deck. The best part was yet to come. With a groan of pleasure, the child felt the python's tongue licking his scrupulously clean little boyhole, teasing it, making the boy giggle again, and relax. With a little difficulty, the snake began to nudge its unlubricated head into the boy's anus. The child had been determined to use no other lubricant than his own sweat, in case the snake was harmed or discomforted in any way. The reptile's welfare was of great concern to the boy, who loved his pets and felt masterbation in preteen a burning sense of loyalty towards them. The youngster yelped in pain as the python's head buried its way slowly but surely, and powerfully and relentlessly, into his tight little nine nudes preteen beach year old boycunt. The little daredevil convulsed as he felt the snake inside him sink its fangs into his the inner passage of his rectum, biting him right inside his preteen body, drenching his boycunt in poison. preteen gay pedo But then the boy thrilled as he felt more and more of the snake's enormous thick length sliding sexily and relentlessly into his rectum, bigger and thicker than any mancock could possible be, and more mobile too. The audience gasped as they watched a whole twelve inches of python disappear gracefully inside the little boy, who was now crosseyed with pleasure, purring like a kitten as he felt the reptile's body stimulating his immature prostate. More and more of the snake dived deeper and deeper into the child's intestines. The creature's body was a boycunt-splitting four or five inches in diameter at its widest point, preteens picture gratis but the boy's sexhole had been stretched a little wider every night, each time he's been consented to being raped at the perfect age of seven, by his enormous trainer, his assistant, and his reptiles. So, amazingly, there was no sign of the athletic little boy's highly flexible anus splitting just yet. Fifteen feet of reptile were buried inside the sexs preteen boy now, and when he flipped frantically over onto his back, the cameras were able to film unusual shapes appearing suddenly under the skin of his little tummy as the snake drove ever deeper inside his boy. The shapes of twisting snake coils were momentarily visible here and there beneath his smooth skin, under his ribs. The snake began thrashing about inside the boy frantically as it finally became starved of oxygen, lifting the child's whole body up and hurling it against the padded floor of the glass cage. It now became clear why the boy was wearing elbow pads and kneepads. Some members of the audience thought he should have been wearing a helmet as well - perhaps one adorned with the same snakeskin pattern. The boy managed to hold his head up for protection, but his tiny chin was slammed repeatedly against the padded floor as the thrashing python fucked the child from the inside. The nine year old boy's fresh brown hair whipped around wildly as his little torso was thrown around the floor of the glass cage by the serpent - twenty feet of which was now buried in the brave boy's bursting guts. It hurt a hundred times more than the forced enemas his master had started giving him at the age of seven, but his extraordinarily elastic boycunt still resolutely refused to split. The blood seeping out of his boyhole was from the repeated internal bites inflicted incest preteen cuties by preteens picture gratis the massive paedophile python. The boy began to feel pins and needles in his toes and fingertips - the poison was taking effect and would paralyse him within minutes - so without any shame, he began to yell his safeword at the top of his voice "Kaa! Kaa!" The snake from "The Jungle Book" who had tried to tempt Mowgli into his coils. The boy's strong, athletic master and his assistant scaled the walls of the tank expertly, and were beside the boy in an instant. The boy's trainer injected anti-venom serum into the boy's bitten arms, legs, nudes preteen beach nipples...and even directly into his little balls. These last two injections, one right into the heart of each of his little balls, were particularly painful for the preteen boy. He screwed his big brown eyes up in agony and threw his head back in a silent scream, exposing his very pretty, kissably soft boyneck to its fullest extent. The man's assistant began to reach inside the boy's extraordinary anus to retrieve the snake before it perished. It had become drowsy from lack of oxygen, and although it had enjoyed being inside the most intimate parts of the boy, in was more than ready to be hauled out, so it ceased biting him internally at last. The extraordinary injections reinvigorated the stunt boy swiftly, and many in the audience wondered what the incredible serum contained. The programme notes said only that it was a closely guarded secret which the trainer learned from a snake charmer in India, and that it was only effective on young boys who had yet to reach puberty. The men lifted the restored boy from the snake tank, his revived eyes shining, and his tongue flicking in and out of his mouth cheekily like a little boy serpent. He gave a deep bow, smiling and waving at the appreciative audience. His snakeskin speedo hung in tatters around his trim little waist, so he bashfully put a white towel around his body and giggled as he trotted offstage for a shower, followed by the two men, who clapped the audience for their support. All three were looking forward to getting the boy into the showers, because that was where he usually received his reward for a good performance. His boycunt was stretched so wide open that both men could get their massive erect cocks deep inside him at the same time, to give him a double fucking on the showeroom floor. Eventually, the rush of adrenaline which had swept through the spectators began to subside, and there was another short break for milk and cookies so that they could prepare themselves to support the second of the three nine year old boys, who was due preteens lsm to perform a particularly dangerous child sex act on stage in ten minutes' time.(ends)Thanks for reading! And for all the great support from so many people, cos that's what keeps me writing! Any comments, however harsh, and anything else (!), always welcome at my new address for feedback: speedback11googlemail.comThe speedo boys also perform preteen nude modells in: /nifty/gay/adult-youth/speedo-boys-daredevil-challenge/ and /nifty/gay/adult-youth/boy-daredevils-in-speedos/ Enjoy!
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